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Building a new home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Whether you are looking to build your dream new home in Perth with no expense spared or working to a strict budget, you want to be sure the home builder you choose is one who has experience where it counts. That’s where R U Developments can help, we assist you from the concept stage right through to completion.

It’s been over 40 years since R U Developments has made their mark on the new home build Perth industry. With hundreds of quality-built new homes Perth Australia, we are a family-owned business that prides itself on integrity, and transparency. Our family values, knowledge and experience and most importantly affordable, practical high-quality homes is what sets us apart from other builders.

Experienced and Local New House Designs Perth

As one of the best new home builders in Perth, we help build our clients the best home designs Perth within their budget. Our motive is to satisfy our client’s custom home needs and preferences at the best cost possible. Whether it’s your new custom home in Perth or a new house designs Perth, we provide innovative, good-quality designs with results satisfying your expectations.

With focused communication, highest level efficiency and top quality workmanship we deliver what we promise every time. We understand it can be a stressful and sometimes overwhelming experience building your own home, but our personalised solutions will ensure an efficient and successful construction process. This approach means you get all the joy without doing the hard work.

Professional and Affordable New Choice Homes Perth

Our aim to create fantastic results couple with our dedication in developing long-term relationships with our clients is what truly sets us apart. We make sure to focus on the little things, like picture perfect finishes and cleaning up after ourselves to ensure we always exceed your expectations the first time. If you are looking for new home builders Perth WA specialist your search is now over.

Excited to get started on your Perth new build homes? Reach out to us today to schedule an initial consultation to begin the process and answer all the queries you may have to make your dream come true.

Fast and Efficient Second Storey Addition Perth

Are you looking to add extra living space to your home but can’t extend outwards? Well, there is a solution offering many other great benefits with the addition of a second storey. A second storey addition is a fantastic way to add value to your home while increasing your living space. At R U Developments we are Perth’s second storey additions builders pride ourselves on our ability to design and build second floor additions for Sydney homes.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry we help you make your vision a reality. We offer clients with a wide range of spacious second storey designs to choose from, not satisfied we shall custom build one just for you that best suits your needs. We understand each 2nd storey addition project is unique, as such based on your requirements we design and plan to suits your specific conditions and lifestyle.

The team at R U Developments are trusted local Perth builders with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the building industry. We continuously strive to create innovative second story addition designs and spaces that works for you and your family. From conception to completion and everything in between, we will create the home of your dreams you enjoy it for many years to come.

Are you worried about 2nd storey additions Perth costs? Don’t you worry! We offer an accurate upfront building cost tailored to suit your budget and needs. Our focus is on designing and building the best 2nd storey additions in Perth you can achieve for the money you wish to spend. In fact, the cost for a second storey addition varies depending on the number of square feet, standards of fittings and fixtures selected.

For us it does not matter the shape of the block or design of the second storey addition, we are specialists in second storey additions help you with pricing and costs. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our Perth 2nd storey additions builder today.

Why Choose Work with Our New Home Company Perth?

At R U Developments, we know the local area well because of our comprehensive experience building new level homes Perth. All our builders are dedicated to making your journey from initial design to construction handover smooth and seamless — utilising both in-house designers and consultants for the efficient streamlining of designs and council approvals.

With over 40 years of experience, we have modified and built many living new build houses Perth. With a wide variety of architectural designs featuring warm hues and texture of the latest trends, we build homes to look stunning. Whether you are planning a new build homes Perth Australia or new home designs Perth WA, we offer personalized resources and designs to fully able to build your Perth homes today.

As one of the best new home builders in Perth, we’re basing that on more than decades of experience and industry recognition. We’ve been honoured to receive awards they include

  • BDAWA Design Awards
  • Build Architecture Awards
  • Houzz Awards
  • Design Matters Awards

When it comes to the new home company Perth, we can proudly say all Perth residents can rely on R U developments for quality, style and service. Our team of professional designers and builders can help you create the home of your dreams. We guide our clients through the entire home building process and take time to ask the right questions to help each client find the design and floor plan that perfectly suits their needs.

Contact us now for a free and no-obligation consultation service to start your brand-new house in Perth today.

Why Consider 2nd Storey Additions Perth?

Adding a second storey to your Perth home may seem like a big task, but with the assistance of R U Developments we take care of every last detail, stress-free and offer a real turn-key experience. While it can actually provide many benefits to you.

Increased Living Space

You will get a whole floor of new space for you and your family to live and grow. A 2nd storey additions in Perth can provide a number of options such as new living space, including a childrens’ wing, an additional living space/retreat, or even a larger master suite with an ensuite bathroom, a walk-in-robe and more.

Increased Home Value

By adding this extra space, you raise the market value of the property, which is fantastic if you eventually decide to sell. As it expands your property’s square footage. Also, potential buyers may find additional living space appealing, especially in areas with a high demand for homes.

Cost Effectiveness

2nd storey additions are often seen as too expensive, but in reality, they are usually a more cost-effective way of gaining more space. Buying a new house and moving for the sake of more space can end up costing you more than you imagine as there are already foundations of which to build upon.

Our Recent Perth New Home and Second Storey Additions Projects

Take a look at some of our new choice homes Perth so you can have an idea of how we work and get inspired for your project! When you’re ready, reach out to us so we can jump into a conversation about how you imagine your new home to look like.

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We used Romy from R U Developments for our architect designed, custom build a few years ago. Romy was very price competitive and completed our build in record time.

He managed to finish our large, 2 storey family home within 12 months which was amazing. Romy also allowed us to supply many of our own fittings and fixtures which many other builders were not willing to do. I’m sure this helped us keep to our budget.

Romy was easy to work with and accommodating if we needed to make variations along the way. He was very hands on and at site every single day to check on the building progress and chat to us. Any issues were addressed quickly but to be honest, for such a big build, we had very few problems along the way.

Our build was completed to a very high standard with high specs. Romy’s tradies were all professional people who took pride in their workmanship which was great as I’m very fussy and detailed oriented!!

We have recommended R U Developments to others and have engaged his services since this time to complete other smaller building projects for us. We were very happy with Romy and the house he built for us is beautiful….thanks Romy!

We love our “new house”. Thank you Romy from RU Developments.

All I wanted initially were draws in the kitchen rather than cupboards and a tidy kitchen, one that had a place for all the clutter that I collected over the years. But after speaking with Libby she came up with all these great ideas which meant we needed a builder. Libby recommended Romy, from RU Developments, who turned out to be builder Extraordinaire. Whenever Libby asked “can we do that Romy? “ He always said yes, and HE DID.

In the end not only did I get a new kitchen but a number of tired areas in the house were refurbished, renovated. Other builders (we did get other quotes) said some of the ideas presented couldn’t be done or would be too expensive to do.

Romy was there all the way to guide us, advise us which we really appreciated. Our renovation price was very competitive. The price quoted was transparent. Every element was itemised and at the completion of the work there were no surprise costs. The work was finished to a high standard. All the tradies were professional and Romy was there each time a tradie started on a section of work to be carried out. He competently managed each stage of the project.

I not only have the beautiful new kitchen I dreamed of but I have a beautiful new home without having had to move. Thank you Romy from RU Developments, thank you Libby from Joyce Kitchens. I highly recommend Romy and RU Developments to anyone contemplating renovating their home.

What Are the Common Concerns Other Customers Have While Engaging a Trusted New House Builders in Perth

Building a new home in Perth is a powerful journey. Yet it’s also a huge responsibility considering both time and money. So it’s common to have some worries, like other customer looking to build a custom new home in Perth, perhaps you’re…

Planning to build a new home but worried about the experience you may face?

Looking for new home builder you decide can spend the time with you to understand your perception, offer professional advice in bringing your design to life that’s far better than you initially imagined in a home that you end up living.

Anxious about deadlines and time frame?

Want a new choice home builder who will commit and dedicate to the agreed to time schedule so you can plan your life with conviction?

Overwhelmed by all the decisions?

Need a new house designs builder who walks you through all the possibility including the opportunity and obstacles vs. cost and benefits. Thus giving you the details you need to feel confident about your preferences?

Troubled about difference in cost?

Searching for a new generation home builder who gives you an honest, set price and sticks to it without excuses?

With our experience we’ve seen lots of people have these exact same concerns. That’s why we invite you to book a free consultation with our master new home builder Perth who will answer your questions and offer advice to help you get the exact custom home you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions before Hiring a Professional Builder for Your Second Storey Additions Perth

Do you have queries concerning second storey additions? Frequently asked questions for second storey additions have been answered below; glance at them to get your queries answered. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us or call us at R U Developments on 0427 234 220, and our experts will answer your questions.

In most cases, the answer is yes! However, there are local council regulations and guidelines to be checked, and approval to be granted before construction can take place. Furthermore, your existing home needs to be thoroughly assessed by a registered, reputable builder to ensure your foundations are sufficient for the additional weight.

R U Developments can give you advice every step of the way and will undertake the required structural checks before helping you plan a realistic layout for your home based on your property, council regulations, and budget. Contact us to know more.

This is different for every project and it depends on many variables that determine the cost of a second storey addition in Perth. This includes the shape, size, design, and location of the property, access to the property, is the block sloped as opposed to flat, quality of fixtures and materials, council regulations, cost of labour, stairs, and whether the ground floor needs reinforcing to carry the load of the new level. Any one of these factors can bump up the price tag.

To find out just how much it will cost to create more space in your Home, simply contact us and one of our experienced team members will be in touch shortly.

Adding a second-storey addition to your home in Perth will increase the property value and appeal to potential buyers, providing a good return on investment. Additionally, it will also increase the living space, providing room for growing families or accommodating additional needs, such as a home office, guest rooms, or a recreational area. With the addition of extra bedrooms and bathrooms, it enhances the overall functionality and convenience of the house. This kind of expansion also enables homeowners to maximize their property’s potential without sacrificing outdoor space, making it a cost-effective solution compared to buying a new, larger house.

To learn more about the benefits of adding a second-storey addition to your Perth home simply contact us.

The project time for a second-storey addition to a home in Perth can vary. It depends on the complexity of the project like the construction timeline, scope and size of the property, with more intricate designs requiring more time for planning and execution. Unforeseen issues, like poor weather conditions, supply or unexpected site challenges, may further extend the process.

To find out more about building timelines, just contact us and book a free no-obligation appointment today.

That depends on the property itself. Only a certified engineer can inspect your home and determine its current load bearing capacity. Fortunately, even if your home falls below engineering standards, there are ways to reinforce the property. Our Perth builder experts will provide you with the necessary information and recommendations to make informed decisions about expanding your home.

To learn more about building a second-storey addition in Perth, contact us to book an appointment with our experienced building consultants today.

When searching for a second storey addition builder, we need to consider taking into account 3 key factors i.e. quality, experience, and satisfaction.

First, make sure your builder uses only the highest quality materials and components to build your second-storey addition. This will ensure your new level is structurally sound and guaranteed to last.

Secondly, your builder should have relevant experience in building second storey additions. Check out their online portfolio to see photos. See if the projects match the style and approach of your project. If you’re unsure about something, don’t be afraid to approach the builder directly and ask specific questions.

Finally, customer satisfaction with most builders will have glowing testimonials from past customers posted on their website. While this is a helpful guide, it doesn’t always tell the whole story. If possible, try to obtain the contact details of a past client and ask them about their experience first-hand.

Contact us at R U Developments to learn more about the benefits of working with us for your second-storey addition in Perth.

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